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Products - 8000 Series Radar Signal Simulators
The 8000 Series product range represents the latest in radar signal simulation technology. Featuring very high-speed digital signal generation, a multitude of intra-pulse and scan capabilities together with new integrated RF circuitry, the 8000 Series provides a fourth generaton capability at third generation costs.

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Parameter Details
RF Range 100 MHz to 40 GHz
RF Sources -Up to 64 FLO/Synthesiser Units
-<1 MHz Accuracy (FLO); 1 kHz (synth)
No. of Emitters Up to 4096
Frequency Types Fixed/agile/hopper/jitter/periodic/switching/synchronised/FMOP/PMOP/AMOP
PRI Types Fixed/Pulse Doppler/stagger/jitter/groups/bursts/synchronised/PPM/PCM
PRI Range -1µsec to 800msec
-10 nsec resolution standard - 1.5 fsec optional
PW Range -25 nsec to 50 msec/10 nsec resolution
Pulse Trains -Each pulse unique RF/PW/PRI/FMOP/PMOP/AMOP.
-Up to 4096 unique pules/Up to 65k repeats
UMOP Simultaneous FMOP/AMOP at 10 nsec sample rate
Scan -Lock-on/circular/sector/nodding/conical/helical/spiral/lobe switching
-Electronic/multibeam/sector blanking/Palmer
-Rates up to 3200 Hz
DF Types -AOA, Phase, DTOA, Rotating Antenna
-DF Patterns with 0.25 dB Resolution
No. of DF Ports Up to 64
Scenarios -Windows XP GUI facilities
-Up to 2560 emitter modes and 1024 platform classes
-Gaming Area 1000nm x 1000nm x 100,000 ft
-Lat/Long or X/Y- Optional map overlay
-6 Degrees of Freedom movements
-Real Time Model at rates to up 10 kHz
-Zoom/pan/start/stop/pause/fast forward/jump to/back
-Gaming time up to 24 hrs
Output Power -From -10 dBm up to 1 kWatt
-100 dB amplitude range at 0.25 dB resolution

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