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EWST News - 21st May 2010
Another Successful Year at EWST
A steady stream of orders has been received from around the world for EWST's products in the past year with several major product upgrades also being made.

Orders for the RSS8000 continue to arrive from both existing and new customers with a strong demand for replacing ageing legacy RF simulators. "We have received significant new contracts recently that require the RSS8000 to replace existing OEM systems - the 8000 provides enhanced hardware and software performance as well as data compatibility without any ITAR restrictions as our equipment is designed and manufactured in the UK" said John Parsons, Managing Director. "We are also pleased to announce that we are under contract with the Australian Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) to supply an RSS8000 system for use in the F-18 Hornet programme."

The latest version of MERTS is about to be despatched with major improvements in the container and pedestal designs and orders are pending for several more units in the coming months. The upgraded Chameleon-II continues its success in the marketplace as does the PTS8000, which now includes a C/D band option.

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