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EWST specialises in the design and manufacture of simulation products for the test and evaluation of both EW and radar systems and for the training of radar and EW operators. The product portfolio includes radar threat simulators and radar countermeasures (ECM) simulators that are available in a wide range of configurations suited for all types of applications. The key products include:

The equipments are fully modular in design to allow system flexibility and upgradeability and utilise the latest suite of graphical user interface (GUI) software applications to provide ease of use and operation.

The design of the simulators is based on common software and hardware modules that allow both simple and complex configurations to be provided easily using these common building blocks. In addition, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technology is utilised wherever possible to minimise system costs and to take advantage of commercial technology investments that enable low-cost simulator upgrades and performance improvements.

All of the EWST simulator products are based on real-time simulation engines that provide for a 'joy stick' operation with no compiling or pre-calculation necessary. All emitter and scenario parameters can be edited and modified on-line and are actioned immediately upon receipt of a carriage return key-stroke.

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